Dental service

Like humans, an animal's gums have a rich blood supply, and share this blood with the rest of their body. Any infection originating in the mouth can rapidly be transported around the body and may lodge in other areas such as the liver and kidneys. 

The emphasis in veterinary dental care is rapidly shifting from treatment of problems (such as extracting teeth) to preventing the issue from developing. By examining the mouth during the annual health check, and keeping teeth and gums healthy with regular cleaning, we can avoid expensive treatments further down the track. At Totally Vets, we have the equipment and the expertise to look after your pet's teeth and gums, and in doing so, can help maintain their overall health.

If you would like more information on our dental service or would like to make an appointment to get your pet's teeth checked, please ring us at Feilding on 06 323 6161 or Taumarunui on 07 895 8899.