Have you ever considered pet insurance?

Advances in veterinary medicine means that your vet can do more for your pet in the event of an unforeseen accident or illness, but the treatment can be expensive. 

For pets, there is no "public health system" so you can compare paying for veterinary care to paying for private health care for yourself - we all know how much that can be, which is why some people have health insurance.  In New Zealand, pets are fast becoming much more than just pets - more and more of us are considering our furry friends to be members of our families, which can lead to distress and sometimes heartbreak if treatment decisions have to be based on finances.

Having pet insurance will allow you to budget monthly for your pets' healthcare and give you piece of mind that if any illness or accident should occur you can concentrate on what is best for your pet, rather than worrying about the bill.

Also, don't forget about our Q Card, Farmers Card or VetCare Finance options - we are here to help.