And the winners are...

Everyone at Totally Vets would like to send out huge congratulations to the winner and runners-up of this year's annual in-house pet slimmer's competition

We would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the pets and their families who are still in the throes of ‘battling the bulge'.  It takes a lot of dedication and willpower to help our beloved pets reach their ideal goal weight AND even more to keep them there. Remember... what you may think of as a ‘little treat' for your pet, can have an enormous impact on their weight.

There are many beneficial reasons, both physical and psychological, for our pets to maintain an ideal body weight. Read what this year's winners have to say about their own personal experiences with overweight pets and weight loss and the impact this has had on their pets, and their own, lives.

Totally Vets would like to give a huge thanks to Eukanuba and to Julie Dicksbourne and Fiona Cavanagh (pictured with our winners) from Masterpet, who supply the prescription-only diet food. We would not be able to run such a successful weight-loss programme without you.

Lite Paws 2014

1st Place Nikki Bowler

Chihuahua Nikki started the programme weighing 5.6kg,and finished with a body weight of 3.4kg, she has lost a whopping 39.1% of her body weight.

This is the equivalent of you or me losing 38kg.  FANTASTIC WORK!

Nikki's owners Michael & Joan Bowler write: "Nikki came to us as a wee dog frightened of the world and meal times were her only real pleasure in life. When the weight started piling on we went to Totally Vets to get some advice.

It took eight months on the weight-loss programme for Nikki to reach her ideal goal weight. Before her weight-loss she waddled about, getting short of breath and needing to rest. Now she has a new lease on life and enjoys running around the park. Her love of food will always be an on-going issue, so we are firm with her. It's a delight to see Nikki being the healthy and happy little dog she was meant to be."

Nikki before after

Runner-up Meg Cumming

Labrador Meg started at 46.4kg and finishing at 35.6kg.  This is a loss of 10.8kg and equates to losing 23.3% of her body weight.

Meg's owners Bruce & Karen Cumming write: "The difference in Meg has been amazing since she lost weight. She has so much more energy, wants to play all the time and now enjoys going for walks. A lot of this is because of the encouragement given to us from Sandy at Totally Vets. Sandy has so much enthusiasm for Meg to do well that it made it easy for us to exercise Meg and to keep track of what she eats.

Meg before after 

3rd Place Tama Costello

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Tama started at 30.6kg and finished with a body weight of 23.6kg. This is a loss of 7kg, or 22.8% of his body weight.

Tama's owner Kris Costello summed up her thoughts in few, but powerful, words: "It's like he has regained 10 Years!"

Tama before after 

If you think your pet may benefit from our ‘Lite Paws' Slimmers Club just contact Totally Vets Feilding clinic on 06 323 6161