Beautiful Bear

Beautiful Bear

We first met Bear, a 3 year-old Golden Retriever, after a stormy Friday night - his gate had blown open in and he was found walking himself back home. He wasn't really using his right hind leg and was walking round in circles.

When he arrived at the clinic Bear couldn't walk at all. He was quite subdued and had a bump and grazes to his head.  After a thorough examination all Bear's vital signs were ok and he could feel his hind legs but couldn't make them work.  Bear was immediately given ongoing pain relief, antibiotics and IV fluids for shock treatment.  We also took blood samples, and then x-rays to check for fractures and/or chest injuries.  Bear was kept close by for constant monitoring but as the day went on his mentation got progressively worse.

Sunday: Bear could move from side to side while lying down but when we tried to have him stand this made him groan and feel nauseous. Vet Suzanne's thoughts were now pointing toward vestibular disease/head injury due to his initial walking in circles, nausea and weak legs.  Several anti-nausea medications were now added to the treatment plan.

Monday: While Bear was out for his examination he wobbled to his feet and walked!  Although very unsteady and still intermittently circling, this was very much an improvement.  He still did not like being lifted and continued to appear restless and circle in his cage unless settled.

Tuesday: Bear was telling us he had a really bad headache!  He was put into a dark quiet space, he had to be forced to eat but his tail wagged! As he tried to do more, it was very obvious he got worn out easily.

Wednesday: He was still wobbly with his walking but had improved, and there was less circling today.

Thursday: Bear had eaten all his food himself overnight, went outside and cocked his leg to go to the toilet and was almost walking normally!

Friday: Bear went home for his human sister's birthday!  

Bear and his family were a pleasure to deal with and to this date he has made a 99% recovery, he is just sometimes a little slow sometimes with responding to commands.