Flea frustrations

Fleas are an issue all year round - so it's important to keep on top of flea treating your pets, and be sure to treat all pets in the household at the same time.

In a natural setting the flea lifecycle does slow down over winter, because the cold weather causes the flea to lay dormant, but with our homes being warm and cosy and our pets living inside, flea control needs to be managed all year round to avoid ending up with a ‘flea burden' come summer.

Did you know? The fleas you see on your pet are only the tip of the iceberg - 95% of the flea population actually exists in the environment, as eggs, larvae and pupae, which are invisible to the human eye and almost impossible to control.  We can however control what is on our pets and in our homes with a year-round flea control program.  Those who stop treating for fleas through winter will be those more likely to end up with a home and environmental burden when the sun comes out.

Totally Vets sells a wide array of flea control products and are able to offer advice in order to help you create an optimal flea control program for your pets.