Premium pet food - why?

Nutrition plays a vital role in the overall well-being, health and longevity of our pets, just as it does in our own lives.  By choosing to feed your best friend, companion or working partner a premium food you are making the very best choice.

They only use the best, high-quality ingredients.  Premium food includes high-quality ingredients, which are easy for your pet to digest, compared to low-quality ingredients. Eating premium food means your pet is able to utilise the nutrients in the food - they will look and feel great and will live longer.

They are excellent value for money.  Because high-quality ingredients are used, you don't need to feed cups and cups of premium food in order for your pet to get all the necessary nutrition it needs - a little goes a long way.  Because only a small quantity of premium food is required, the benefit to you and your pet is that less comes out the other end for you to tidy from the litter tray or the back lawn.

They are ‘complete and balanced'.  Not only does this mean that premium foods contain all the essential nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, which your pet needs each day, but also that these are provided in the correct ratios for the body to be able to function properly.  This means your pet is getting everything it needs for it to flourish at every life-stage.

They are made with a "fixed formula".  This means every time you buy a bag of premium food, it contains the same ingredients 100% of the time.  The benefit to you and your pet is that you know what's in your pet's food, every time.  Lesser-quality foods are often made using a ‘floating formula' which means all the nutrients will differ each time a batch is made, depending on what ingredient is cheapest or readily available at the time of manufacturing.

They are packed with extras.  Premium foods contain extra-special ingredients which support your pet's vital body systems.  These can include DHA for brain development, glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health, and special enzymes to help prevent plaque and tartar formation on your pet's teeth.  There are also foods which are formulated to help combat allergies which can lead to skin problems, including itchiness, red, dry or flaky skin and even ear infections.

If you feed your pet premium food, you are helping your pet to live a long and healthy life, so it can thrive, not just survive.