The importance of our pets

The importance of our pets

It would be un-imaginable for our family not to have a pet. 

We are cat lovers; Sikar a slightly built Tonkinese and Maali a more substantial Ocicat, roam through and around our home.  And so it was when we were growing up in our parents' homes; pets of one shape or another accompanied us through the good times and the tough times that test our resolve from time-to-time.

The bond between pets and humans is not a modern day fade.  Whether it's the cats of the Egyptian empire or the medieval kings and queens of Europe with their birds, dogs and cats or Captain Scott sailing to the Antarctic in 1912 with Blackwall his cat, pets have been with us throughout time.

This relationship may have started out of necessity, dogs for hunting or cats for rodent control, but this relationship has grown to be more than just one of a simple companion.

Watch children playing with a pet dog or cat, or an elderly person enjoying the companionship of an animal and we see the mutual rewards to us both.  As an aid to education, our health or moderating anti-social behaviour, pets provide benefits which are well documented.

At Totally Vets we have a team of eight veterinarians and eight vet nurses dedicated to providing care for our companion animals.  As expectations for the well-being of our pets have grown, so have the services we offer expanded.

Treating day-to-day medical sickness and performing routine and complex surgery are cornerstones of our work but so too is the provision of sound advice on feeding, housing, training and pet care.

Our ultra-modern facility in Feilding is the teaching hospital for UCOL's veterinary nursing graduates during their final year of study and under-graduate veterinarians from Massey are regularly working under the supervision of our vet and nursing team.

Total care of pets!  All for the joy of having healthy and happy friends or perhaps a productive worker and for some, a confidant.

With the end of 2012 seeing Nigel Coddington retire as Totally Vets' Executive Director we welcome Chris Carter into the Chief Executive role.  Chris is a veterinarian with a post-graduate qualification in epidemiology and comes to Totally Vets from AssureQuality Ltd. Chris is married to Lesley (who is the Deputy Head of Nga Tawa School) and they have an adult son and daughter.