Totally Vets offers a comprehensive bull fertility testing service

It is estimated that based on semen quality alone, 1% of sale bulls and 5% of commercial bulls are unsound for mating (Tattersfield et al., 2006).

In commercial bulls, factors such as libido problems, penile and sheath abnormalities that prevent mating, and back and leg problems that make mounting impossible mean that up to 13% of young bulls and 20% of mixed age bulls** can be unsound for mating. (Hughes and Oswald, 2007)

Just imagine the impact this could have on your pregnancy rate.

A defective dominant bull can prevent sound bulls from mating successfully. Don’t wait until pregnancy testing to find this out.

Totally Vets bull testing service

All you need is a decent set of cattle yards, a few heifers or cows to be mounted, some bulls and some reliable help. To make the visit as efficient as possible, we will also provide you with helpful preparation hints for the day.

We can test from 1 to 50+ bulls in a session and can get through between 3-4 and 20-30 bulls per hour depending on how well they are working.

At Totally Vets, we collect bull semen using an artificial vagina (AV). This way, a bull is allowed to mount a heifer or cow held in a specially designed, portable crush.

Collection crush.JPG

The heifer or cow is selected to match the size of the bull and she does not have to be served multiple times. The bull’s penis is diverted into an AV and a semen sample is collected in a welfare-friendly way, without the use of an electro-ejaculator. While collecting the semen, the penis is examined, libido is evaluated, as is an ability to mount.

A written pass/fail report of the bulls tested, including reasons for any failures, will be supplied a few days after testing. On request, we can also supply a detailed report for each semen sample taken, which includes full count and percentage of normal and abnormal sperm.

Other work can be carried out at the same time, such as:

Blood Testing
Scrotal Measurement 
BVD Vaccination

Totally Vets bull fertility testing gives peace of mind that your bulls are fertile.

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Bull fertility testing enables you to ensure that your bull team is sound going into mating rather than finding out there is a problem after the event.

Bull fertility testing is preferentially carried out using an artificial vagina (AV), not an electro-ejaculator.

Bull fertility testing is a comprehensive service that provides semen evaluation, as well as an assessment of the penis, libido and ability to mount.

Bull fertility testing can be carried out by our own trained vets and technician.

For more information or to book an appointment, please contact either branch of Totally vets today.