New metrichecking research

A recent New Zealand (NZ) study on metrichecking sheds light on the benefits of more intensive treatment of dirty cows after calving.

The study included more than 15,000 cows, making it one of the biggest NZ dairy studies ever undertaken.

In the study cows were metrichecked three times at 21 day intervals and all dirty cows calved for more than seven days were metricured. This intensive checking meant more dirty cows were identified and treated well before mating started. These treatments had a big effect on conception.

Any doubt that given time post calving all dirty cows will self-cure has been removed. Once cows are more than 21 days post calving, the accuracy of metrichecking for detecting dirty cows decreases dramatically.

Is there an economic benefit for the additional checks and treatment?  Yes, there is.

Overall results of the study showed a 2.4% increase in the six week in calf rate and a 2% reduction in empty rate when compared to checking cows once before planned start of mating.  If you currently don't metricheck or treat dirty cows, the benefits would be even higher.

The results of this study speak for themselves.  For a treatment plan please talk to your vet or give us a call or so we can schedule your visit dates.