Theileria - an ongoing issue

Each Spring we see a few cases of Theileira in dairy cattle.  The common scenario is cattle that have been away grazing outside the district and get bitten by ticks. 

In the Tararuas we don't see many ticks, while in the Manawatu the tick numbers appear to be variable depending on the season. As a result, our cows are at risk of being infected whilst away at grazing. This can either be in the Hawke's Bay area, or the sand country in the Manawatu. Theileria is generally an issue for animals under stress, most commonly around calving and the greatest risk period for a cow is being bitten by a tick in the six to eight weeks pre-calving. 

If cows are heading outside the area for grazing give a preventative tick treatment prior to leaving your property, and ideally every four weeks until they return home.