Avoid dangerous drenching

All cattle and sheep worm drenches (anthelmintics) can be harmful whether they are an oral, a pour-on or an injection.  

It can be particularly dangerous to drench calves under eight weeks of age and lambs under four weeks of age. Animals rarely need drenching pre-weaning (while on milk). Those that are sick or debilitated should be drenched with caution.

Anthelmintics can be fatal to your animals if label recommendations are not strictly followed.  Always dose to the weight of the heaviest animal in the group. However, do not overdose, and be aware of the dose when drenching the ‘poor-doers'. Ensure you have a system for identifying the animals you have already drenched to avoid multiple dosing.

Check that your drench gun is delivering the correct dose by squirting a dose into a syringe before you begin drenching the herd or mob.

Anthelmintics that also contain copper and/or selenium should not be used in conjunction with other products e.g. vaccines, containing copper and/or selenium.

Please talk to your veterinarian if you have any queries about the product you are using.