Caring for your pregnant bitch

Optimise the chances of healthy pups. Follow these few simple guidelines:

For the last part of the 63 days of pregnancy, increase feed allowance using a high energy, low-bulk food (e.g. performance food). A bitch with a belly full of puppies needs a more concentrated feed, preferably given in several meals, to ensure she meets feed requirements for herself and her pups. After whelping, feed ad lib to support lactation. Puppy food can be fed to the bitch after whelping, but not before as it may cause milk fever.

The bitch should have been boosted for her vaccinations during the last year. Vaccination during pregnancy is no longer recommended.  If you have had parvovirus on your property, speak to your vet about a prevention plan.

Ensure the bitch has been wormed during pregnancy. Some worms can be transferred through the placenta and the milk. Continue regular worming of the bitch and pups from three weeks of age.

For information on our farm-dog vaccination and worming programme, contact your closest Totally Vets clinic.