Macrocarpa and Pine

Plant description:

Macrocarpa: Evergreen with red-brown bark. Up to 25m tall. Produces 2-4cm cones and thin leaves

Pine: Up to 60m tall. Pine needles found in clusters of three. Produces cones that are egg-shaped and approximately 12cm long

Animal species affected:


Pine may affect sheep?

Symptoms of poisoning:

Macrocarpa causes depression in adult cattle, followed by abortion late in pregnancy. The abortion may be followed by retention of the membranes. Deaths can occur.

Pine needles may cause abortion on death in cattle, but this is anecdotal. Otherwise dehydration, loss of condition and lethargy seen.

Treatment and prevention:

Prevent access to adult cows in late pregnancy, and take care following storms, as branches may be blown into the grazing area.

Vet check any animals showing signs of illness