Wandering Jew

Plant description:

Wandering Jew is a dark green, succulent, creeping carpet up to 50cm thick. A hairless trailing plant, it has oval, shining leaves (3-6cm) with very short stems. Wandering Jew produces clusters of small, white, three petalled flowers from August to November. It is widely found as part of the undergrowth on the banks of rivers.

Wandering jew.JPG
Wandering jew 1.JPG

Animal species affected:

Causes allergic dermatitis in dogs and other animals walking through mats of this plant.

Symptoms of poisoning:

Red, itchy skin in areas that make contact with the plant, so commonly seen under the abdomen and in the groin area. Cases are usually seen during the summer months.


Soothing ointments such as Aloe Vera may help, but usually the animal will require medication to get the itch under control and to alleviate any secondary skin infections sustained due to the skin being broken while scratching.