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Crate training your puppy

Puppies need constant supervision during the first few months of life and when used correctly a crate is an invaluable tool, one which will be used for the lifetime of your dog. 

When purchasing a crate, consider the size your puppy will be when fully grown.  Crate training gives your puppy a sense of security, as dogs naturally seek small places to create safe shelters for themselves. It is also an effective tool in house training your puppy as it takes advantage of your puppy’s natural reluctance to toilet in its sleeping place. 

Where should I put the crate?

The crate should be placed in a frequently used room, which is occupied most of the time.  Initially, your puppy should not be left locked in the crate if you are going out for any long length of time.  When you go out, the crate can be used as a “bed” with the door open in a “puppy-proof room”.  A good place to set up the crate is in a small room with lino or tiles on the floor.  At night you can have the crate in your bedroom. 

How do I get my puppy used to the crate?

Start with putting some nice bedding, toys and treats inside and leave the door open.  Let your puppy come and go as he pleases.  You can also feed your puppy inside the crate, this way your puppy will associate the crate with a positive experience and think of it as a nice place to be. 

Can my puppy sleep in the crate?

Yes! If your puppy sleeps in the crate they will cry out and alert you that they need to go to the toilet during the night. Take them out to the toilet last thing before they go to bed. The crate can also be used in the car as a safe place to travel so that your puppy is not left loose in the car. Crates are useful when you have small children, as it can be a safe place for the puppy to be when the children are running around and you can’t keep an eye on everything!  They are also useful when you are preparing a meal or eating as the puppy can still be part of the family during these busy times without you needing to worry where they are. 

The benefits of crate training are endless!  Come in and see us at the clinic and we will help you choose the perfectly sized crate for your puppy, and go through exactly how to condition your puppy to the crate.  For more in-depth information you can also enrol your new puppy into our Puppy Preschool classes – pop in or give us a ring to book your place!

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