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Totally Vets are an integral part of the rural community. With an enthusiastic team of dedicated veterinarians, we provide a full range of clinical services as well as farm consultancy to specifically target the needs of your business. We are equally committed to both the care of your animals and the success of your farm. 

Our large team of highly qualified veterinarians are leaders in their fields. We are equipped with the knowledge, experience, and resources to get the most out of your animals


Vetnotes is a publication about the production animals on your farm, sent out monthly via email to all of our loyal subscribers. If you want to be kept in the loop about seasonal issues, interesting cases and tips from our experts, make sure you subscribe below! 

We aim to provide quality advice, services and products that specifically target the needs of your farming business.

The team at Totally Vets offers a wide range of animal health services in areas such as animal health planning, milk quality, nutritional management, reproductive management, lameness, replacement stock, disease prevention, animal treatment and emergencies.

  • Herd reproduction management
  • Milk quality management
  • Lameness management
  • Nutritional management
  • Replacement rearing management
  • General disease prevention
  • Calf Disbudding
  • Treatment Plans
  • Youngstock Health Plans
  • Surgical services
  • Seminars & Staff Training

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Totally Vets offers a complete advisory and treatment service for flock health and production.

We enjoy working alongside our clients to help them minimise animal health issues and maximise animal performance. We offer a variety of services including comprehensive animal health planning, parasitology management plans, and individual farm and animal advice

  • Whole farm production and health planning
  • Individualised farm internal parasite management plans, including drench resistance testing
  • Vaccination programmes
  • Breeding flock reproductive advisory services
  • Ram testing
  • Specialised artificial reproductive services including artificial insemination (AI) and embryo transfer, and semen collection and freezing for export

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Totally Vets offers the complete range of health and production services for all beef enterprises from traditional cow-calf breeding herds through to high performance finishing services.

From a veterinary angle, the emphasis these days is as much on animal disease prevention as it is on actual treatment. By working closely with clients to identify their animal health and performance goals, we aim to develop farm-specific animal health programmes and strategies that take much of the guesswork out of their beef farming enterprise. In building such a farm profile, it leads us to tailor advice that is based on best practice and best science and focused on achieving these goals.

  • Whole herd production and health planning
  • Reproduction management
  • Bull testing & fertility
  • Pregnancy testing and scanning
  • Youngstock health plans
  • Internal parasite management
  • Calf disbudding
  • Treatment plans
  • Vaccination schedules
  • Tb testing
  • Surgical services
  • Seminars & staff training

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Our complete advisory and treatment service extends to deer as well. 

The Totally Vets team are part of the history of deer farming in the Manawatu. Our team’s extensive experience in deer work ensures that our clients receive top-notch advice and on-farm services for their deer.

  • Traditional velveting services plus supervision of licensed velveters
  • Deer herd production and health planning
  • Reproductive services
  • Laparoscopic AI and embryo transfer for all deer breeds and cervical AI for Wapiti
  • Artificial insemination services
  • Tailored internal parasite management programs
  • TB testing 

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From goats and geese to pigs, alpacas, and chickens, our vets can treat your whole menagerie.

We can provide health checks as well as general medicine and surgical services for your lifestyle animals. If you’re new to the ‘farm game’ and are still wrapping your head around drenching, hoof trimming, vaccinating, and bolusing, get in touch and our team will be happy to provide you with some advice

  • 24/7 care with full after-hours cover
  • Annual Health Plans
  • Reproduction management & artificial insemination services
  • Parasite Management Programmes
  • Vaccination Programmes
  • Dental Services
  • Dis-budding or De-horning
  • Surgical Services including castration
  • Foot trimming services

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