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Introducing Deb Prattley and VetRehab

We have been referring patients that have soft tissue injuries requiring physio and rehab, and older pets who are starting to get stiff and painful to Deb.

Deb has qualifications in human osteopathy as well as animal physical therapies and rehabilitation and is based in the Manawatu. Her therapy toolbox for pets includes:


  • Evidence for improved wound healing, cartilage maintenance, early bone healing, increased nerve regeneration
  • Reducing pain and inflammation
  • Useful for open wounds, arthritis, tendonitis, ligament sprains, neurological conditions

Manual therapy

  • Articulation/mobilising, stretching and several other commonly-used techniques
  • Aim to reduce soft tissue hypertonicity, thereby improving range of motion and fluid flow and reducing pain
  • Improves joint range of motion


  • Physiological evidence for local, segmental and central effects
  • Useful for pain relief (can often decrease use of pain relief medications)
  • Reducing muscle hypertonicity, including treatment of trigger points
  • Healing chronic wounds, can be helpful with mild allergies

Rehabilitation exercises

  • Graded exercise progressions to promote injury management and improve the quality of tissue repair
  • Progressions through strengthening and fitness exercise with a whole-body approach as part of recovery and prevention

Talk to one of our vets if you are interested in a referral to Deb as a part of your pet’s arthritis care or recovery from injury. Find out more here:

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