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“It’s difficult to concentrate when you’re busy scratchin’!”

There are lots of ways now to keep fleas and ticks from pestering your dogs; chews, spot-ons and collars.

For those wanting long term control, and you are looking to save some dollars, we have a special deal on Seresto™ Flea and Tick collars. These collars contain two actives within a fancy polymer that provides a continual controlled but low-dose release for eight months when the collar is placed on the dog. The active ingredients spread across the whole body to provide a thorough defence. The ingredients are protected in the fatty layer of the dog’s skin and so won’t wash off, this means dogs can continue to jump in and out of troughs to cool off over summer.

The active ingredients kill ticks and fleas on contact, so fleas and ticks don’t have to bite to die, reducing irritation to dogs so the dogs stay focused on their work, hopefully…

The Seresto™ collar also works to kill and repel ticks, be they larvae, nymph, or adult stages.  And if you are worried about lice, Seresto™ collars are also effective against these.

Seresto™ collars are convenient and cost effective. If you are buying six collars or more, we will also provide one free collar for every six purchased. Seven dogs protected for a monthly cost of $9.32* GST incl. per dog. Until 5 November 2023 you will receive $15 off** per collar and you can go into a draw to win $800 worth of groceries.

One easy application, eight months of continual protection, and if they are applied at the start of spring, the collars will work right through to the end of summer. Both you and the dogs are then free to concentrate on the job at hand, with no itchy scratchy business to distract them… but we still can’t guarantee they’ll actual listen to you.

* Price as at September 2023 and subject to change without notification.

**Promotion starts 4th September 2023 and ends 5th November 2023

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