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New Products for Sheep and Cattle Farms

Over the last 6 weeks the NZ owned company, Alleva has brought to the market 4 new products:

Cyroshield EP Liquid

This is a fly protection and fly knockdown product containing cyromazine and ivermectin (this is like Boehringer’s discontinued Cyrazin KO fly product).

Cyroshield EP Liquid is suitable for use in jetting races as a preventative treatment for flystrike as well as for the local treatment of fly struck sheep.  When jetting sheep mix 1L of concentrate in 500L of water and apply this solution at a minimum dose of 2L per sheep up to a maximum of 4L.

Turbo® Triple Minidose

For the control of gastrointestinal parasites and lungworm in sheep and cattle at a dose rate of 1 mL per 10 Kg bodyweight (BW).  The actives are eprinomectin, oxfendazole and levamisole with the trace elements selenium and cobalt.

An ideal product if you are wanting to minimise the number of products you are wanting to keep on farm for the treatment of both sheep and cattle.

TURBO® Triple + Tape

This product is aimed at the growing lambs, 20 Kgs and heavier.

Turbo® Triple + Tape is a mineralised oral drench for sheep containing eprinomectin, oxfendazole, levamisole and praziquantel plus the trace elements selenium and cobalt.

REFLEX F® Pour-on

A pour-on for cattle, treating and controlling internal parasites, including mature and immature liver fluke and lice.

Reflex F® Pour-on contains abamectin and triclabendazole.  This is a replacement product for Genesis Ultra, the manufacture of which has been discontinued.

If you would like to know more about any of these new products talk to your vet or have a chat with Roy, Cameron, or Rochelle.

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