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Tararua Vets Lifestyle Block Program

The Tararua Vets Lifestyle Block Package provides a personalised animal health planner as well as text reminders for animal husbandry procedures. The package also comes with a general handbook on common lifestyle issues and routine practices as well as access to useful “how-to” videos.

Tararua Vets Lifestyle Block Package $125
Followed by an annual fee of $100

Contact us at, call us on 06 376 8046, or speak to us in the clinic for more information.

Your membership will provide you with:

  • Your own annual health calendar specific to your stock.
  • Phone call or text reminders for your upcoming animal healthcare.
  • Newsletter filled with seasonal tips and info.
  • Practical teaching and assistants from your allocated Technician.
  • Access to our how-to videos.

Please read, then sign and date below

  • I would like to apply for membership to Tararua Vets Lifestylers & Small Holidays Club and I would like my membership to be automatically renewed each year.
  • I agree to pay the annual subscription, as set by Tararua Vets, on receipt of a tax invoice.
  • Tararua Vets is part of Totally Vets Ltd.
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