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Tararua Vets Lifestyle Block Package

Please use the form below to sign up to the Tararua Vets Lifestyle Block Package and the team from Tararua Vets will be in touch with you.

For further inquiries contact or call 06 376 8046

Your membership will provide you with:

  • Your own annual health calendar specific to your stock.
  • Phone call or text reminders for your upcoming animal healthcare.
  • Newsletter filled with seasonal tips and info.
  • Practical teaching and assistants from your allocated Technician.
  • Access to our how-to videos.

Please read, then sign and date below

  • I would like to apply for membership to Tararua Vets Lifestylers & Small Holidays Club and I would like my membership to be automatically renewed each year.
  • I agree to pay the annual subscription, as set by Tararua Vets, on receipt of a tax invoice.
  • Tararua Vets is part of Totally Vets Ltd.
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