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The role of vitamin B12 and selenium in lambs

SMARTSHOT® B12 plus selenium is a long-acting injection that will provide lambs with adequate levels of vitamin B12 and Se to maximise their growth rate. 

The lamb’s immature rumen is inefficient at converting cobalt into B12 and coupled with the high demands of the growing animal we sometimes see deficiencies when milk intakes drop. Milk intakes may drop significantly even before weaning so supplementation at docking prevents this risk of deficiency. 

The preferred method of supplementation is Smartshot B12 + Se.   This can be given at either docking or weaning.   When used at tailing (as recommended by Beef and Lamb NZ) a 0.5ml dose of SMARTSHOT® B12 plus Selenium for lambs for slaughter or 1 ml for lambs as ewe replacements, will provide enough vitamin B12 for 3-4 months and Selenium for 6 months.   Injecting at tailing means that lambs maintain their trace element levels up to and beyond weaning, with minimal handling and get an opportunity to maximise growth rates.  

 If you supplemented at weaning a 2 mL dose is recommended. 

The maintenance of adequate trace elements along with high quality feed ensures that the health of the lambs and growth rates will be maximised. 

SMARTSHOT® with just B12 is also available.  Our vets and commercial managers are available to provide advice on whether SMARTSHOT® B12 or SMARTSHOT® B12 plus selenium is right for your flock. 

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