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Cats may be able to get under your feet when they are hungry and dogs nudge you for attention, however our pockets pets, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and mice often go unnoticed.

Once the ‘new pet’ name wears off, some of these pockets pets can easily be overlooked. They can’t bark to get your attention or trip you up when it’s tea time. Remember that pets are for life and they all require daily care.

ALL pocket pets require a good quality pellet or seed suitable for their species. They cannot live on grass alone! Unless overweight, they should have free access to this at all times. They also require unlimited access to clean, fresh water. ALL pocket pets will benefit from fresh fruit and vegetables. These should be introduced slowly, a little bit at a time, and always stop if they give them an upset tummy. If unsure about what to feed your pets, please phone the clinic and talk to one of our helpful team members.

You also need to inspect your pet daily to help pick up on any early signs of sickness. Diarrhoea, lumps and bumps, discharge and any other signs of anything unusual are best treated earlier than later.

Remember your pocket pets – every day!

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