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Holiday vaccinations

As many of you plan your holidays, your pets are oblivious to theirs! If your pets are going to the boarding kennels or cattery, ensure you find out from your particular ‘pet hotel’ exactly which vaccinations they require, well before you get there.

If your pet hasn’t been previously vaccinated and depending on his or her age, your dog or cat may require an initial course of two to three vaccinations, three to four weeks apart to ensure full protection. This means it’s important that you allow enough time for these before your holiday. Remember to book in early to avoid missing out.

Most boarding kennels require dogs to be up to date with their routine vaccinations, and most require an additional vaccination to help protect against canine contagious cough (often known as ‘kennel cough’). This is a very contagious respiratory tract infection which causes a dry hacking cough that sometimes lasts for several weeks. We recommend vaccinating against this disease if your dog is going to a boarding kennel.

The canine contagious cough intranasal vaccine works very quickly and should be given at least 3 days before boarding. Routine vaccinations in dogs and cats should be given at least two weeks before boarding.

Most catteries also require your cat to be up to date with vaccinations. However, it is important to check directly with your cattery or boarding kennels to ensure you and your pet enjoy the holiday season.

If you would like to find out more about vaccinating your pet, please give us a ring. We can advise you on your pet’s vaccination status and make you a vaccination appointment to help you with some of your holiday preparations!

Check our website for our holiday opening hours.

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